The Single Best Strategy To Use For Meteora Greece Monasteries

The Meteora would be the ideal location to go to if you ever wish to take a trip to someplace read more you can behold the beauty of nature integrated with the resourcefulness of guy. In Kastraki, a village in the plains of Thessaly, near the tower of Kalabaka, lies a stone forest of more than 20 massive rock pillars. These rocks towers hundreds of metres into the sky. Their peaks are crowned by abbeys with wood galleries and corniced roofing tops. This is the Meteora of Greece, where distinct natural rocks are integrated with unbelievable human effort. Meteora, which the Greek word for "raised meteora, greece up above the earth", refers to this group of separated rock pillars and to more than 30 monasteries constructed on them. The height of these rocks is 300 metres on the average. The greatest has to do with 550 metres.

As you go nearer, the shadow of the imposing rocks continue to lengthen. The landscape modifications continuously as the sun casts various shadow from various angles. In the winter season, they give magnificent image of plain and black pillars increasing out of a white carpet of snow.

Mountaineers who increase Metoera with unique climbing sets would best understand the feat of the hermits who settled in the caves and rock cracks. It is difficult to comprehend how the monasteries were constructed up there at the top of the rocks. In 1925, a stair method was hacked from the rock to make gain access to more readily available.

Today, the abbeys on these peaks form one of the most fascinating spots on the map of Greece. If you ever desire to see such a magnificent website, then check out the Meteora of Greece.