15 Terms Everyone In The Agrigento Valley Of The Temples Industry Should Know

Sicily is one of the most distinctive regions of Italy. There are plenty of rental properties in Sicily where visitors can remain while on vacation.

Mount Etna

No journey to Sicily would be total without a see to the popular Mount Etna. The mountain makes a sensational backdrop for pictures and makes for a majestic subject with an elevation of what to do in sicily 3,350 metres.


When you're deciding among the numerous delightful villas in Sicily you must think about Taormina, well-known for its beaches, restaurants, and monasteries. This mountain top town is one of the island's traveler magnets not least since of the spectacular Greek amphitheatre, which still plays host to concerts and plays.


Understood as the "Valley of the Temples", Agrigento is renowned for its abundance of olive groves and almond blossoms. Found on the southern coast of Sicily it is the home of 8 spectacular ancient temples. If you're into the architectural remnants of the past, Agrigento must remain in your travel plan when you holiday in vacation homes in Sicily.

Wine Country

Sicilian wines are well loved for their special flavour. The island has more vineyards per square mile than and other area in Italy; however the paradox is that Sicilians consume the least amount of wine compared to other Italians! The Masala wine is one of the most popular wine ranges here. If you get here around November, you might be in time for the Wine Festival, which starts on November 11, the very same day as the festival of Saint Martin.


Palermo has a history returning around 2,700 years, and its wonderful Mediterranean weather condition brings in millions of travelers every year. It is the centre of Sicily's economy, culture, and financing and is the perfect destination for those who enjoy history, architecture and terrific food. It has a number of beautiful churches consisting of Palermo Cathedral, San Cataldo, and San Giovanni degli Eremiti, which is understood for its intense red domes. Palermo is likewise the website of the largest theatre in Italy, the Teatro Massimo.

Select one of the rental properties in Sicily to invest your holiday in and begin learning more about this incredible Italian island.