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Treking Mt Etna, the greatest active volcano in Europe, in the province of Catania. The volcano's land is abundant and fertile, home to vineyards, orchards and cultivated fields, producing a spectacular landscape which has for centuries generated visitors, artists and poets. Today, thousands of tourists take part in arranged trips to ascend the volcano and enjoy the splendour of Mount Etna from above.

Mount Etna usages lots of activities: a long trek, winetasting, quad or jeep tours that let you check out the volcano from all sides, to explore all the volcanic craters and even more besides.

If you have a complimentary week, we recommend cefalu you go on a treking Etna trip, providing you the chance to find the various landscapes of Etna.

If you desire to go treking Mount Etna without a guide, here are some practical concepts for you:

Drive to Rifugio Sapienza (southern slope of the volcano), from where you will have the ability to take the cable cars and trucks and truck Mount Etna approximately an elevation of 2,500 m asl. From there, with a 4 × 4, you can reach 2,900 m, to the Theorist's Tower, from which it's not a long trek, merely 20 minutes with a professional volcanology tourist guide.

You can leave your vehicle at the Rifugio Sapienza parking area with no problems.

When pull back from hiking Mt Etna to Rifugio Sapienza, you could select lunch at the sanctuary's dining establishment, where they have 'tavola calda' warm junk food or first and second course meals.

If you do not have the needed equipment for treking Mt Etna, such as treking boots or a water resistant, you can deal with all you need from among the little stores at Rifugio Sapienza.

If you desire to have a look at the northern slopes of Etna, nevertheless, you needs to head towards Piano Provenzano or Rifugio Citelli, from which hiking Mt Etna includes the remarkable Sartorius craters, created during the surge of 1865.

If you're fortunate, throughout February and March you might also have the ability to slip on your skis-- you'll discover the ski station at Piano Provanzana. It's a memorable experience, having the capability to analyze the sea as you ski!

So you're questioning if you can go treking Mt Etna without a guide?

Well it depends. If you wish to stay at a low elevation, yes you can, however if you wish to exceed 3,000 m asl you requirement a volcanology tourist guide with you.

We extremely encourage treking Mt Etna with a guide, who can advise you on the path nevertheless also tell you about the history and sicily stories of this manificent volcano. Whether it's a short ot long trek, it's more intriguing that way!

What devices?

Above all else, taormina sicily your shoes are very essential, whether you're treking Mt Etna with a guide or alone. You need comfy strolling boots considering that the ashes is slippery. If you just brought your flipflops on vacation with you, do not worry, you can utilize boots on the day.

Clothing needs to be comfy sportswear. Long pants, a sweatshirt and a windbreaker. During the summer season a cotton sweatshirt will do. You requirement to be gotten ready for unforeseeable weather condition and temperature levels. At high elevations the winds can be actually strong, the mist can stop you in your course, and low temperatures can bring you down with a cold. All of this can be avoided by inspecting the weather forecast the day prior to you set off, so you understand what to expect while treking Mt Etna.

It's genuinely necessary you take with you food and great deals of water, which you will need to keep you hydrated after the push of climbing, and to prevent the impacts of low pressure and running low on sugars.

Another area certainly worth checking out within the Etna National park is the Bove Valley ('Valle del Bove'), a huge basin of roughly 37km sq, on the eastern slopes of the volcano, near Zafferana Etnea. This striking basin was established 64,000 years back when 2 of the main craters collapsed in on themselves.

This incredible catastrophe of the natural world had significant repercussions: among the 2 collapsing craters produced a tsunami that eliminated the civilizations surviving on the north African coast at the time, and probably generated the mistaken belief of Atlantis and its disappearance.

The Valle del Bove, veiled in secret, appears virtually like a desert, covered with more current lava flows, with odd apart locations of plants, surrounded by lava.

After our guidance about treking Mt Etna, what to do, where to go and how to get here, we'll leave you to choose just how you wish to make your day in this place of untouched, wild nature and incredible landscapes, all yours.